Silmaril Sailing  Private and Exclusive Sailing


Free and as beautiful as the Great Frigate birds of the sky, sail privately aboard Silmaril and romantically enjoy the Caribbean as though you are the only ones!

Our goal on a honeymoon or anniversary day sail is to create a one of a kind memory for you and your loved one.  We want you to feel like there is no one else on the island, make sure there is no one else in your photo, no one else at your swimming spot and on one else soaking up the same rays of sunshine you are.

Float on inflatable pool chairs in a quiet cove, or lay on the bow gazing at cloud shapes in the sky, or you could  hold hands and snorkel the pristine waters of the Caribbean.

The day is all about you, and we want it to be the best day of your holiday.

I'm Yours
Jason Mraz (We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things)

Reserve a private and exclusive honeymoon or anniversary sail, we want you to feel like you are the only ones enjoying the Caribbean.

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